Evaluation of the energy efficiency of the infrared long-wave heating system in various applications

Article in an international scientific journal IEEE

🎉 Our team of young scholars from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute has published an article in an international scientific journal, available at https://lnkd.in/gQwMre6q! We conducted research on the benefits of using long-wave electric ceiling heaters for buildings of various types: a large 4000 m² factory, a restaurant with a height of 3 m, and a nine-story residential building.

Our findings demonstrate the advantages of employing such heaters as the primary heating system, not only in their traditional industrial and commercial applications but also as a noteworthy innovation in multi-story buildings. This technology has the potential to enhance comfort and energy efficiency in residential spaces, evenly distributing warmth.

BBC recently highlighted a similar trend

BBC recently highlighted a similar trend (https://lnkd.in/gkX2PXdm), reporting that a second developer in England is testing electric ⚡ infrared ceiling heating in their new construction showrooms.

These articles unveil new possibilities for utilizing innovative technologies in construction, emphasizing the significance of long-wave electric ceiling heaters not only for industrial and commercial structures but also for residential homes and apartments.

This article has the potential to stimulate further research and practical implementation, improving the quality of life and energy efficiency in buildings worldwide. ✨🏢🔬