"Bilux" are ceiling-mounted infrared heaters that operate in the long-wave and mid-wave ranges.

They are often confused with the popular shortwave emitters. These heaters are put on summer verandas of cafes: they shine with red visible light. They only heat a limited area.

Wave radiant heaters are invisible. They are installed under the ceiling and warm the walls and objects that give off heat to the air. These heaters are suitable for primary or supplementary heating.

The medium-wave outdoor Biluxes use heaters as a radiator. They glow crimson and can quickly heat an entire room or operate under a canopy outdoors from up to 10 meters. Popular shortwave emitters use a coil inside a quartz tube. Its lifetime is half as long and the operating height is less than three meters.

Why choose infrared heaters?

Helps you save money

It's more economical than a heat gun or oil radiator because it works in cycles. It warms up the room and then turns off. When the air temperature drops, it will work again.

Keeps you healthy

Oil radiators and heat guns raise dust and dry the air. Shortwave heaters are harmful to the skin: it is better not to be under them for a long time. Bilux radiation is close to natural radiation, so it is comfortable for the body.

It won't light up.

Radiators are heated up to 250°, so thermal insulation is placed between them and the body. Biluxes use felt. It does not burn at temperatures over 1500°, so the heater will not set fire even to a wooden ceiling.

When we opened our first office, there was no central heating and it was very cold in winter. We were heated with two two-kilowatt oil radiators.

At -15° outside the window, it was +4° in the office and we were sitting in jackets. When we put four "Bilux" 1 kW each, we heated the office up to +15...18°. We saw for ourselves how economical it was: oil radiators didn't turn off day or night and burned 1440 kWh over a month, and the Biluxes burned 432 kWh.

Types of heaters

"Bilux" come in three types: for domestic use, for industrial and commercial premises and for outdoor use. Each type of heater is manufactured in several modifications with different capacities.

In 2016, we installed 18 Bilux B1000 heaters in the Golden Age jewelry salon in Kharkiv to evenly distribute heat throughout the room. Before the Biluxes, the salon was heated with an 18 kW electric boiler and a 9 kW heat curtain. Such system didn't work efficiently, at -15° outside it was only +4° in the cabin. Customers came to pick up commemorative jewelry and were shivering from the cold, and the employees had to wear warm clothes.

We calculated that 18 heaters would be needed to heat the store. The ceiling at Golden Age was five meters high. So we lowered the heaters by one meter so they wouldn't waste air in the ceiling.

When the store started to be heated by the Biluxes alone, the temperature rose to 20° and customers and employees were no longer freezing. Electricity consumption dropped from 27 kW to 18 kW.

Become a Bilux franchisee

Learn about the benefits and conditions

Due to rising heating costs, demand for energy-saving heating systems is increasing. "Bilux invites companies and entrepreneurs to become franchisees in their region.

The franchisee calculates and sells heating systems to customers and dealers, delivers equipment and looks for new customers.

We train and support your employees, help with advertising and bring in customers from the main brand website.

Become a Bilux dealer

Become a dealer

Due to rising heating costs, demand for energy-saving heating systems is increasing. "Bilux invites companies and entrepreneurs to become dealer in their region.

The dealer calculates and sells heating systems to customers, delivers equipment and looks for new customers.

We train and support your employees, help with advertising and bring in customers from the main brand website.

The most powerful Bilux P4000 consumes 1.3 kW*h at 3.6 kW. It will heat a 50-meter room by 20 °. To dissipate the heat more efficiently, it is recommended to hang the module from 5 to 20 meters high on the ceiling.

The terminal of Nova Posta, Bila Tserkva. 4000 м. The complex was built in 2020. Office premises, production areas and warehouses are heated. Installed total capacity of 482 kW.

Saving of capital investments - 700% compared to the gas boiler house. Saving of energy costs for heating - from 38% to 43% in comparison with gas. Payback period - 24 months. CO2 emission reduction of 182,000 kg/year.

In September 2013, with the help of the Biluxes, we heated the Arizona Club Summer Grounds. We rented out two Bilux U2000 and one Bilux U1500 heater. The more powerful heaters were installed along the walls of the marquee and the less powerful one above the table. We directed the heaters so that their radiation overlapped. The guests were warm at the party, though the temperature dropped to 10° in the evening.

Order infrared heating system representation

To enable the engineers to calculate the type and number of heaters, tell them the floor and ceiling area, the height of the ceilings, the area and height of the windows.

Alternative method of heating - electric heaters

Now many people are concerned about how to arrange the heating of the house, so it would be convenient, cost-effective and practical. The only option remains - electric heating. There are many ways to make electric heating a reality. It is possible to do this with a variety of boilers and electric heaters. But not all electric heating systems will be economical and comfortable to use. Heating with boilers will bring more hassle, expense and frustration than benefit. Only electric home heaters that are built with modern technology can guarantee unbeatable results. An infrared electric heater is one of these. Advantages of electric infrared heaters There are different modifications of this type of electric heaters for the home. These are short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave electric heaters. We sell only the most reliable, tested and effective - medium wave and long wave infrared heaters for the house: country, private, apartment or cottage. The first ones are used mainly to provide the heating of the house. Buy a long-wave heater can be used in rooms with a large area, high ceilings, non-residential industrial premises. Many customers, before buying an infrared heater Bilux, ask the question: but how effective and safe for humans? Let's try to understand this, and also to answer another equally relevant question: what does the price of the infrared heater depend on? Electric heaters Bilux Bilux heaters are economical, fire safe, energy efficient and ergonomic devices of new generation, working in the infrared spectrum. Our company has for many years engaged in the development and production of the safest and most productive heating devices, at a price affordable to every Ukrainian. To date, long-wave and medium-wave heaters Bilux - is an achievement of domestic engineers, which will be able to reduce the cost of heating by one third! Heating your home with electricity using our systems will make the room warm and cozy. After all, electric home heating with our devices can be easily and quickly organized. Our infrared electric home heaters perform the heating process of the room in a special way. Electric heating with our devices is not due to the heating of the air, but the surfaces themselves in the room. Such heating is very easy to use, because there are thermostats that can adjust not only the temperature, but also the time the device. Infrared heaters: what is special about them? According to the laws of physics, heat can be transferred in three different ways: convection, conduction and thermal radiation. In the latter, heat, in the form of a beam, is transferred from the heated surface to any area within the range of the spectrum. This is infrared heating. It is enough to buy a device, the power of which is enough to heat the room of a specific area. Many studies have proven that infrared electric heaters have no effect on human health and well-being. They have nothing to do with the solar radiation of ultraviolet rays or the waves in microwave ovens. Infrared heat is simply a form of energy that warms objects, not air. The only thing to consider if you are going to buy an infrared heater is its scope of use. Different models differ in the principle of operation and the type of waves. So, medium-wave from the "U" series are installed on the street, in garages, warehouses and offices. Long-wave infrared heaters Bilux series "P" and "B" are safe for homes, kindergartens and schools. They can be used as the main heating, without affecting the health of people. What does the cost of infrared heaters depend on? Production and sale of infrared heaters is the main specification of our company. We try to produce models designed for people with different income. The cost of infrared heater - a complex index, depending on the rated power, purpose, heating area. The power is calculated individually, based on the design features of a particular room. An important role is played by the fact, whether the heating by infrared heaters will be the main or additional source of heat. Infrared heating, the price of which is lower, is designed for rooms of small area. The higher the price of infrared heaters, the larger the area the device will heat the room. You can get accurate thermal calculations from our employees absolutely free of charge. It is enough to send us a schematic plan of the room and fill out a questionnaire on the site. Also, our staff will help you choose an electric infrared heater for your budget. 7 arguments why to buy an infrared heater 1. eco-friendly heat source. Our infrared electric heaters do not emit water vapor, have no combustion products. They do not affect human health and mood. Due to the fact that the rays heat objects, the devices do not cause air circulation, and therefore do not need additional ventilation and do not raise dust. 2. infrared heaters, the price of which is low, allow for a threefold reduction in heating costs. Installation of such a system is inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance and operating costs. The Bionic series, with its radius plate, is rated A+++ for energy efficiency. The infrared heater, which our company offers to buy, is easy to mount on the ceiling, not taking up useful space in the house. We have design models, which will fit harmoniously into any interior. 4. electric infrared heaters have high efficiency. Efficiency is 95%. Heating of the room is instantaneous. 5. We offer to buy infrared heaters with thermoregulators, thanks to which you can set the optimal temperature in the room, as well as program the device for less heating at night. 6. The simple design has no moving parts, no air filters and no grease. It is a perfect mechanism that will last for at least twenty years. 7. With us you can buy infrared heaters equipped with a German WAGO self-clamping terminal, which provides a good fire safety of the device. Varieties of Bilux heaters We believe that throwing money away makes no sense. That's why each Bilux heater is designed for a person's specific needs. We have models designed for home use, industrial, agricultural, outdoor use. The most budgetary heater for home Bilux is designed for a small area - up to 12 square meters. It is ideal for loggias and balconies. More powerful devices can provide a normal microclimate in a room of up to 50 square meters. They are installed in kindergartens, schools, offices, stores, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Industrial heating Bilux is especially relevant for rooms with high ceilings, which heating in the traditional way is difficult and expensive. Infrared heater is mounted on walls or suspended from the ceiling on a cable, directing the heat to objects inside the room, rather than dispersing it through the air. This is very convenient, in addition, you can create local heating only in the working area of the room. Bilux heater is used in manufacturing, as well as for heating sports complexes, stadiums, greenhouses, etc. We also have outdoor models, designed specifically for heating outdoor areas, porches, terraces of cafes and restaurants. With Bilux heating it is possible to raise the temperature by 10 degrees. For space heating, surrounded by three walls and the ceiling, you can buy an inexpensive heater Bilux with minimum power. For indoor areas will require more powerful devices. To orient yourself which heater to choose, you can examine the technical characteristics listed in the card of each product, as well as get a free consultation from our manager. Possibilities of purchasing electric heaters Bilux If you need to buy an electric heater, then we have the right one for you. After all, we have in our catalog a wide range of different electric heaters. You can buy both medium-wave and long-wave infrared devices. You can buy a heater for the house or office, warehouse, store, store, farm or nonresidential premises. You will be pleased with not only the characteristics, properties and quality of such heating. Price is very reasonable. With us you can buy a heater, the cost of which will fit any budget. The cost of selecting the right heater will depend on various factors: the capacity of the equipment, the area of the room, the size of the device, accessories, additional functionality. In any case, if you buy a heater from us, the price will be incomparable with the benefits that the device will bring you. If you buy an electric heater, you will get rid of a lot of problems. You will not have to worry about the temperature of the air, the safety of the device, the cost of heating. The price of our devices may be higher, compared to other electric heating equipment, but if you buy an electric heater Bilux, you will immediately feel all the benefits of such a device. Buy an electric heater is worth because it is an innovative alternative method of heating, which is sure to provide the desired result. If you need to buy an electric heater, you can do this with us through our website or by contacting our dealers. Residents all over the country have the opportunity to use our high quality, comfortable, economical and reliable heaters. Kiev, Kharkov, Rivne, Poltava and other cities have our representatives, who can advise, provide information, provide the opportunity to purchase our heaters for your home. The price is the same for residents throughout the country. Regardless of the city in which you want to buy electric heaters. The price indicated on the site is valid all over Ukraine.