Longwave Heater P2400

When the height of the ceilings in a room reaches 12 meters, it becomes difficult to heat the room using traditional methods – the P2400 will come in handy. It can be installed on the ceiling, on the fittings of lighting systems, or by hanging from cables.

EBERLE RTR-E 6121 thermostat

The EBERLE RTR-E 6121 thermostat is a typical device used as one of the control components for central heating and ceiling heating systems.  

Mid-wave heater Y4000

The outdoor heater is effective both outdoors and indoors. You can use the U4000 as a main heat source or for local heating.

Mid-wave heater Y6000

If you are looking for an option for local or full heating of production facilities, or do not know how to keep visitors warm during an exhibition, take advantage of the outdoor line of Bilux. Bilux U6000 is used to heat rooms with a ceiling height of 5 to 20 meters. As a single heat […]

Longwave heater B600

Just turn on the infrared device and the room will become warm in a short time. It is recommended to use B600 in rooms with a ceiling height of at least 2.2 and no more than 3 meters.

Long-wave heater B1350

The best seller in 2021. B1350 heater in a black body and with a black plate. Simultaneous painting and anodizing of the radiating plate increases the radiation coefficient by 17%. Thus, we can talk about the highest efficiency of the black Bilux among the entire household line.

Longwave heater P2000

When the height of the ceilings in a room reaches 10 meters, it becomes difficult to heat the room using traditional methods. Using the industrial heater P2000, you can quickly create comfortable heat.

Longwave heater P3000

For rooms with ceiling heights of up to 15 meters maximum, industrial heaters P3000 can be an economical and environmentally friendly heating system.

Longwave Bilux P4000

It is the senior product in the range of industrial long-wave equipment. The main purpose is heating of production areas. The maximum ceiling height is no more than 20 meters. The device is successfully used as a local heat source in an unheated workshop: for example, for the area where workers are located, but only […]

Mid-wave heater Y1500

Bilux Y1500 is the junior model in the line of outdoor infrared heaters. The energy-saving device is suitable for heating outdoor areas and can become a source of local heat for cafes, bars, and restaurants.