Heating the “Electromashina” plant

Heating the factory with infrared ceiling heaters are the perfect solution for those who want to reduce heating costs.


For the premises with a height of ceiling more than 5 meters it is actual to find a heat savings solution. At this facility, to warm up the workshop with gas or coal makes a huge cost, even if the required temperature in the room is only +5°C.

Room description: workshop of old construction, brick walls without insulation, slate roof, concrete floor. Two walls overlook the street, two are internal. Windows are old, in a wooden frame. Ceiling height is 20 meters.


Since the heating of the workshop should be day and night, it is optimal to use long-wave heaters of the BILUX “P” series. They were placed in two lines along the walls in order to create a radiant flux that will act as a thermal curtain.


At a temperature of minus 15°C outside, the temperature in the workshop was maintained from +4 to 8°C.

We recommend ordering the implementation of Bilux from our specialists

We have been implementing Bilux for 12 years, we have made a lot of mistakes and know what to do in difficult cases. If an inexperienced installer is involved in the installation, we cannot guarantee that the heater will operate at maximum efficiency.
During installation, the installers take into account the height of the ceilings, wall thickness and location of the windows, and ensure fire and electrical safety.

Do not install heaters yourself

Example. The workshop employees bought three of the most powerful ceiling heaters and installed them themselves at a height of 3 meters at the edges and in the middle of the room. It was still cold in the workshop.
When a specialist is involved in the implementation, he makes a heat calculation and selects the power and number of heaters, chooses the right places for installation.
In the workshop, it was necessary to hang five low-power heaters around the perimeter.
The specialist checks the heat losses and, if necessary, advises thermal insulation. In the workshop, it was necessary to insulate the floor.
The specialist takes into account the height of the ceilings and the proportions of the room. In the workshop, it was necessary to hang the heaters half a meter lower.