Car wash and service “Car Detail Lab”

Problem Due to the company expansion, new boxes were built and there was an issue with the heating. Solution Installation of gas heating for these boxes is not cost-effective, because it needs additional costs for the project and installation. Therefore, we decided to install electric heating for both car wash and car service. Ceiling height […]

Heating the “Electromashina” plant

Heating the factory with infrared ceiling heaters are the perfect solution for those who want to reduce heating costs. Problem For the premises with a height of ceiling more than 5 meters it is actual to find a heat savings solution. At this facility, to warm up the workshop with gas or coal makes a […]

Warehouse “Kladovka”

Problem High-rise was converted into a warehouse, and it is necessary to maintain a temperature of at least +5°C. Warehouse heating can only be done with electric heating systems, but power reserves are very limited. Solution The option of heating with the help of an electric boiler and system of radiators was considered very expensive […]

Abris – heating the workplaces

Problem A large trading hall with ceilings of 6 meters is hard to heat up in winter and it is energy-consuming. The way out of this situation is to install expensive equipment based on chillers or give each manager a mobile electric heater. But if the first option is expensive, both in purchasing and in […]

Shop “Tabakerochka”

Problem “Tabakerochka” is a network of small shops that are located in residential areas of the city. After the number of outlets became more than 20, the management paid attention to the high consumption of electricity in the winter period. It was decided to find more efficient heat sources. Solution BILUX infrared ceiling heaters are […]

Shop “ALLO”

A large chain of stores selling phones and accessories ALLO opens from 5 to 20 outlets per month. They need a quality, reliable and economical heating system. Problem Due to the high rate of opening the outlets, management of the ALLO company determined a number of requirements that heating system must meet: the heating system should […]

Heating the “Marita” factory

The factory exists several dozens of years. During this time installed heating system was not updated and therefore was completely exhausted. There was a question: what kind of heating system to install on the factory. Problem The heating costs were constantly raising using the old heating system, so the task was to implement an alternative […]

Heating the coffee house

Problem Opening a Cafe in an old building with poor wall insulation and high ceilings. There was a large selection of different heating systems, from convectors to air-cooled boilers. But the right choice – ceiling electric heaters. Solution Ceiling infrared heaters for such premises are ideal: When we use radiators or convectors in premises with […]