Car wash and service “Car Detail Lab”

Problem Due to the company expansion, new boxes were built and there was an issue with the heating. Solution Installation of gas heating for these boxes is not cost-effective, because it needs additional costs for the project and installation. Therefore, we decided to install electric heating for both car wash and car service. Ceiling height […]

Heating the “Electromashina” plant

Heating the factory with infrared ceiling heaters are the perfect solution for those who want to reduce heating costs. Problem For the premises with a height of ceiling more than 5 meters it is actual to find a heat savings solution. At this facility, to warm up the workshop with gas or coal makes a […]

Warehouse “Kladovka”

Problem High-rise was converted into a warehouse, and it is necessary to maintain a temperature of at least +5°C. Warehouse heating can only be done with electric heating systems, but power reserves are very limited. Solution The option of heating with the help of an electric boiler and system of radiators was considered very expensive […]

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