Heating the set on the TV channel

Problem The zone on the set in the newsroom cooled down in the winter period considerably, central heating raised the temperature only to +10°C. The issue was to create a comfortable environment on the set. Solution Only infrared heating can create zonal heating in a specific area. The heating zone is large, the ceiling height […]

Scene heating on the ice arena

Problem Heating a scene surrounded by the ice is not an easy task. Looking for the comfort of performers, it is also necessary to take into account the special features of the instruments, if the instrument is cold it will not be able to sound correctly. Solution The easiest and cheapest way is to use […]

Heating the working zone in workshop

Problem It is necessary to create a zonal heating of workplaces in the workshop. The temperature in the working area should be at least +15°C. Heaters must be powered by electricity and only during working hours. Solution Only infrared heaters can emit a directional heating, so heat guns or convectors are not suitable. Among infrared […]

Heating the “AVIAGLASS” plant

The plant specializes in the manufacture of glass for special use: in aviation, railway transport or armored glass. Since it was economically unprofitable to warm the entire plant, it was decided to create comfortable conditions in certain zones (zonal heating). Problem There are 2 types of zones that need heating: Workplaces and Technical zones. Any […]

Heating the working place in workshop

Often, in order to save, people choose working areas in the workshop, where it is necessary to make the operating air temperature. For such tasks we developed infrared heaters “Y” series. Problem It is not reasonable to warm up the whole space, but it’s impossible to work without heating in winter. Heat guns are not […]